About Westover

Westover B.V. is an industrial automation company. Since 2012, we have grown into an international company with more than 15 young, passionate engineers who work together in a stable team.

Knowledge level

Our employees have a high level of knowledge. We think that’s important. We also always use the latest developments and techniques. We also set requirements for the knowledge level of our suppliers. In this way we work together towards a maximum qualitative result.

Flexibility and decisiveness

We are an accessible, social and flexible organization. When you call us with a problem, we act decisively. We switch quickly and are on another continent within 24 hours if necessary. After all, a lot depends on your equipment.

Thinking along and involvement

We like to think along with you. Do you want to have developed something and you don’t know how yet? Together with you and/or our mechanical partners, we arrive at an efficient solution. We also opt for the most economical solution. We do this because we feel involved with our customers.

We deploy specific team members for each solution. This way, our people do the work they like and are good at. Everyone benefits from that.


Do you want to know what we can do for you?
Please contact us on tel: +31 (0)850 068 900 or by mail [email protected]